Compassion Project

Compassion for our community

A Missional Organization of Northside Community Church

Our Story: Since Northside Community Church’s inception in 2002, our mission and focus has been to meet our community’s changing needs by living the unchanging Gospel of Christ. While this happens in many ways, one way we believe this takes place is meeting the physical needs of the community around us.

In 2013, part of fulfilling that mission came to being with the organization and start of the Northside Compassion Project. With the help of four local financiers, a two unit duplex was purchased on the corner of Maple Street and Second Avenue in downtown Knightdale. The entire duplex was in need of renovation and upgrades, so members of Northside Community Church and local neighbors began the work to make the house ready for occupants. Our first unit has been completely renovated with plans to renovate the second unit next.

The focus of the Compassion Project is to provide short-term transitional housing for single parents, especially those living in Eastern Wake County. Along with providing housing, the Compassion Project has partnered with community agencies to provide personal support, career coaching and financial counseling to those in the program.

We recognize homelessness and the effects that is has upon an individual and their children are not only life-changing, but can potentially lead to an individual or their children not being able to break the cycle of poverty.

The Northside Compassion Project seeks to change that.

Why Eastern Wake? The need for transitional housing for destitute families with children is tremendous. The North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness reports Wake County has 1,170 homeless individuals as of late 2014. The total in transitional housing is 328 which leaves 842 people either on the streets or in emergency shelters. Almost 30% (328) of these are children. As of 2014 Wake County Human Services reports there are only 23 agencies that provide transitional housing.

Currently, there are no agencies in Eastern Wake County that address homelessness or provide transitional housing.

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