Jermaine & Nicole Sellers

January 29, 2021

Jermaine & Nicole Sellers

What was your first experience like at Northside? And why did you come back?

Our first experience at Northside was welcoming without being intimidating. We were recognized as new, but not singled out in front of everyone. We came back because the music was good, the message was great, and the people were open and welcoming.

How would you describe Northside to someone who might be interested in checking the church out?

We would describe Northside as a welcoming community of believers who live out the creed of authenticity.

What do you think are Northside's greatest strengths? What has been the biggest blessing to you guys?

Northside’s greatest strengths are the people. The biggest blessings to us have been our relationships with the people we have met.

What would you tell someone who might be interested in checking us out one Sunday?

When you check out Northside you will experience great contemporary worship, a wonderful, relatable message, and friendly, welcoming people. Don’t feel obligated to dress up, just wear what you’re comfortable in.

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