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We endeavor as a school family to foster an environment where each family feels encouraged and supported, and every child grows to be the person God created him or her to be while learning in a play-based, Christian environment.

  • Excellence in Love: We seek to love God, our preschool family, and our community by serving, praying, and meeting them right where they are.
  • Excellence in Education: We seek to meet the needs of the whole child—physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Our play-based STEAM curriculum provides experiences for student-led learning through hands-on play and exploration. We accomplish this through center-based learning activities, stories, music, art, nature, and outdoor play, along with opportunities to learn about God, God’s world, and God’s love.
  • Excellence in Character: We seek to show respect, compassion, citizenship, and integrity while fostering a safe learning environment for our students and teachers alike. We pray for the Holy Spirit to grow the fruit of the Spirit in each of us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Northside Preschool’s goal is to provide an environment where children experience the joy of learning while discovering just how BIG God’s love is for them. Through an interactive and inspiring curriculum coupled with the highest quality early education teachers, we seek to be a highly desired and reputable preschool for parents of young children in the Eastern Wake area.


Our Curriculum


Music & Art

Children at Northside Preschool have access to a wide variety of musical instruments and art supplies to explore their creativity and develop skills that will help them later on in life. The process of all creative experiences is the goal rather than the finished product. Children sing and dance with joy throughout each day.

Math & Science

We learn math through real-life experience, from measuring and sorting to finding patterns and meaning in our natural world. Children develop skills for caring and nurturing the earth's creatures by caring for classroom pets and observing the native birds, squirrels, and insects that make home in our outdoor classroom.

Literacy Development

Children learn to read and write using their own words to tell news and stories scribed by teachers. They then act out the stories and learn problem-solving through dramatic play. We encourage parents/guardians to join us for reading one-on-one and in group settings. Pre-K students use a unique curriculum called Letterland.

Motor Development

There are plenty of opportunities to run, climb, crawl, and pedal at Northside Preschool! We help children develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills through squeezing and pinching dough, stringing beads, writing, painting, and so much more as they grow to become well-equipped students in elementary school.

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